Release note June 12th, 2019

During this deployment, we released a couple of fixes, but also some cool new stuff. You can find all updates here:

Nav Connection:

  • We fixed a bug where in some cases already sponsored children were made available in the frontend again. Now no children will change their status to available due to the Navision connection.
  • We deployed a delay to the synchronization between WV United and Navision for new users. You can set in the backend how long new users should not get updates from Navision if your customer service needs a couple of days to insert the data into the CRM.

Other releases:

  • You can now use the element teaser in a 100 row as well. 
  • You can now configure the zoom level for your community maps in MWV
  • The word 'press release' is now optional in the element 'press release teaser', so you can use it for other purposes as well. We recommend you to have a strategy in place for when to use which teaser type.
  • Users can now view Youtube videos in MWV in fullscreen
  • You now have a new element called icon element available.
  • Users can now go back and forth without problems in the sponsorship forms.