Release note May 28th, 2019

Since we already had a mid-sprint deployment last week, we are keeping this deployment small and neat. This is what we deployed today:

  • You can now add breadcrumbs to the top of your pages. You can find a new region in the blocks under /admin/structure/block called 'breadcrumbs top'. Just add the block 'breadcrumbs' there.
  • Buttons on link posts in MWV will now display the copy added to automatic teasers (instead of a hardcoded 'read more').
  • No communities will display '0 unsponsored children' anymore. Instead it will say '<30 unsponsored children'.
  • All user data fields in transaction forms are now restricted in a way that they can be transmitted to Navision (and Simma).
  • You can now preselect which country or community a child on your landingpage or in your form will come from through parameters. Add ?country=[countrycode] or ?community=[projectid] to your URL and the children displayed will come from this country or project.