Release note May 15th, 2019

This week we can present a couple of pretty awesome things to you that will increase your capabilities in using the system to show great content and convert users:


  • Control default dollar handle with parameters: You can now add a parameter to your transaction urls that will decide which dollar handle should be the default one. Just add ?handle=NO and replace NO by the position of the handle. As an example compare and The link shows the original setting.
  • You can now select different dollar handles for each payment occurrence. Check out this form to see what that looks like:
  • You now have access to the configurable giving widget. Just add a transaction form to your editorial page, check 'display as widget', and decide whether the rest of the form should be displayed in full screen. Please note that the first step of your form should feature occurrence, handles, and amount in this order.
  • In the country list you can now check the checkbox 'no child image' for countries such as Myanmar. Upload a generic image or drawing under /admin/config/wv/common in the tab 'child finder'. This image will be displayed for children from this country. This should enable you to offer children from restricted countries on your acquisition pages.


  • In MWV the IBAN of users is now synced from Navision.
  • The sponsor profiles now feature mobile numbers and CRM partner IDs.
  • In video posts you can now embed Youtube videos

Editorial content

  • You can now choose from different on-brand colors for the headline element. Your options are orange, charcoal, blue, and green.
  • The chosen image style is now remembered when you edit the element after a while. Before, it always switched back to 'cinemascope'.
  • A bug that broke slideshows sometimes for backend users has been resolved.

Country-specific features

  • WVFR can now display a tax reduction message on the configurable giving widget.