Release note April 16th, 2019

This sprint we completed quite a few tasks that will make your life easier and give you new opportunities for your marketing both in the backend and in the frontend. Please make sure you take a look at the new lazy loading module, the refactored flyout navigation and, if your office uses Navision, the incident type dropdown. Those three features require you to take action after the deployment.


  • Drag and drop for elements and rows on editorial pages works again. 
  • All elements on editorial pages now have their names displayed in the backend, so you can see with which elements the page was built.
  • You can now add child image urls via the csv upload the the child list.


  • The mega navigation is now configurable. You can add teasers under /admin/structure/menu/mega-menu. Also you can decide if the navigation should appear on hover or click under /admin/config/wv/common in the tab 'Navigation. Check out our detailed description for more information.
  • You can now select an alternative footer for your mini-sites.
  • The child finder will now get the child genders directly from available child genders in the child list (see also under transaction forms)
  • The element 'child finder' as well as the transaction field 'child info' will now display all child genders that are available from the child list. Please make sure you fill the genders with values in your native language.

Transaction forms

  • The transaction field 'text' is not stored in the transaction list anymore (it contains the same text for all transactions).
  • Optional fields will now be validated as well if they contain a frontend validation (e.g. correct birthdate)
  • Users can now upload an image file in the transaction forms. Many of you wanted to use this feature for e-mail your child. See here how to set it up.
  • The transaction field 'child data' will now get the child genders directly from available child genders in the child list (see also under frontend)

Navision connection

  • The Web Reference ID is now transmitted correctly for the transaction type 'user edit'.
  • Also the last name of the user is now transmitted to Navision for the transaction type 'user edit' in addition to all changed fields.
  • You now have the option to add a 'default country' to the backend. This country will be added to all users that have been transmitted via the Navision webservices (this is because Navision does not store the country if it is the default country for reasons that only matter in analog channels).
  • The incident type in the webhooks now can be selected from a dropdown. See here how you can configure the dropdown. Update: the deployment of this feature has been pushed back a week.

My World Vision

  • The field 'favorite subject' is now displayed and filled'
  • In the community profile we have deployed a placeholder image as a fallback for ADPs that do not have a YIP or YUP. This placeholder is hardcoded for now.
  • We added a weather and local time integration to the community profiles in MWV. This features gets real-time data from Thanks a lot to WVDE for implementing this!
  • Rejected data is not displayed in MWV anymore.