Release note April 2nd, 2019


  • You can now add a url of a child image instead of a file to the child list. This enables you to batch-upload child images. Please note that the images from the urls will not be displayed in the frontend right now. This will be released in the next deployment.
  • We removed the categories from the transaction form list, because we received feedback from you that they confused you more than they helped. You can now filter transaction forms by name, transaction type and user group.
  • The house number field in the transaction forms is now restricted to twenty characters.

Integrations with Navision and Stripe

  • We introduced a small fix for the way children are imported from Navision. Now all children that are available and have a certain reservation ID are synchronized, dropped children are automatically removed.
  • You can now select in the transaction field newsletter checkbox if the selection should be sent to Navision in the comments or not.
  • You can now send the Stripe ID as a token to Campaign Monitor.

Country specific

  • WV France has now access to a one-step child sponsorship prototype for testing. We will share the results of the test when they are available.

My World Vision

  • We completed the work on community profiles and community posts (for APs). YUP and YUV will now automatically be posted to MWV.
  • Users can now upload a profile image.