Release note March 19th, 2019

This sprint's deployment only features a couple of new builds. The reason is that we worked on two larger projects that will be deployed at the end of the upcoming sprint. The first one is the global datalayer, which will upgrade our tracking capabilities. The second one is the community profile for MWV. We are done with the profile, but in the coming sprint we'll need to develop automated posts for it.

This is what we deployed this Tuesday:

  • We upgraded the Automatic teaser element, which now features a scroll down option to display as many pages as are available. You can use this element for your blog overview pages.
  • The project list now features a project ID, which will help you when adding projects manually. Please note that project IDs cannot be changed once a project has been created.
  • Admins and developers now have access to a dashboard that will show if configurations are missing. This will help us prevent problems on your sites in future deploys. If you see a message in the backend of your staging sites, you can ignore it.
  • For donations made through Stripe, the Stripe ID is now transmitted to Navision in the field ExternalReferenceNumber.
  • WV Spain has now access to a tax ID field, which is required for donations in Spain.