Release note February 19th, 2019

This sprint we released quite a few updates, so I categorized them for better visibility. There are two updates that require actions from you: First, you need to set up your payment method values again (see 'transactions'). Second, you need to set up a list of countries for Google auto-reply to select from (also see 'transactions'). Please make sure you also check out the new way to add users to your newsletter lists. The old way still works, but the new way is much better ;-).


  • Event tokens: You can now use the tokens ‘field_message’, ‘field_survey’, ‘current number of participants’, ‘type - host or participant’ and ‘Event date’ in Campaign Monitor and on your thank you pages.
  • Child and adult price: You can now select two different prices for children and adults in the ‘extra participant’ field.
  • You can now add an option for a premium price in the frontend and set an amount to be added to the prices for children and adults.


  • Newsletter checkbox field: You can now select which Campaign Monitor list the user should be added to directly in the field settings.
  • Payment value: You now have a more flexible way of adding payment values for Navision. You can set a separate value for each occurrence and each method under /admin/mwv/transactions/config.
  • Google auto-complete has gotten a couple of upgrades: It does not allow incomplete data to be transmitted anymore. Also, users can search for countries with lower case or upper case letters. Furthermore you can restrict the addresses Google suggests to one or multiple countries under /admin/mwv/transactions/config.
  • House number: In the field ‘user data’ the house number can now contain both numbers and letters.
  • The birthdate field now only allows dates from 1900 to 2019.
  • The Stripe transaction ID is now transmitted to Navision in the field ‘External Reference Number’.
  • For recurring payments with Stripe the first and last name as well as the e-mail address of the user is now transmitted to Stripe. Also the transaction ID is stored in the transaction list.
  • You can now set a notification in case of CRM errors under /admin/mwv/transactions/config.

Other updates

  • We have updated Drupal to 8.6.7 for your site’s security and performance.
  • In MWV multiple temporary tokens work at the same time now.
  • When a child is younger than 1 year, it will now be displayed as ‘younger than one year’ instead of ‘0 years’. Please make sure you have your translations in place.
  • Users can now change and save their address in MWV.
  • The French-specific child info page is now displayedon a regular page instead of an off-canvas page.
  • The German-specific giftshop forms are now submitted to Navision in line with internal German processes.
  • The French-specific second pageview is not sent to Google Analytics anymore.