Release note February 5th, 2019

This sprint, we already deployed a couple of new things mid-sprint (check out the release note), so in this release we added the last things we worked on:

  • Cookie notice layer: See here how it can be added and configured.
  • Button copy in child finder: You can now edit the button label of each button in the child finder element separately.
  • XLSX option for list exports: You now have the option to download all lists either as a csv or as an xlsx file. Please remember that there is a timeout on the export to protect your server. This timeout will be reached faster with xlsx. When you are exporting large amounts of data, it might make sense to still use csv.
  • Status codes for Nav integration: You can now see if your forms have been submitted to Navision on all forms (transaction forms and deprecated drupal forms)
  • Global 6k date limit: You are now able to set a min and max date for the creation of Global 6k events.