Release note January 29th, 2019

This is a mid-sprint deployment, so we are not releasing all new builds from this sprint. However, there are a couple of things we can provide you with already. 

  • utm id tracking: There is a new way for you to overwrite your motivation code in order to track donations from sources outside of your website. Just add the parameter ?utm_id=[MotCode] to your URL, e.g. This does not have to be the URL of a transaction form, but can be any Drupal page on your site. The transactions made within the session will be stored in the transaction list and sent to your CRM with this Motivation code. The parameter can be combined with your regular utm parameters, e.g. ?utm_source=facebook&utm_id=401669. You will be able to track the utm_id in Google Analytics as well.
  • Block child for user: We implemented a bugfix for MWV. If a child is temporarily blocked for a user, it won't be displayed in MWV.
  • Child finder funnel fix: If user search for a child with the editorial element child finder, they now always get to the correct transaction form.
  • Required teaser fields: The headline and subline fields on the element teaser are not required anymore. Please use with caution. We recommend you to use those fields.
  • Global 6k map element: A new editorial element called map is available to you. See here how to use it.
  • Edit events in the cart: Users are now able to edit events they have added to the cart.