Release note January 9th, 2019

Since this was the first deployment after the Christmas break, we only deployed small changes.

  • Status code in transaction list: If your system is connected to Navision, you will get a status code in the transaction list that tells you if the transaction has been submitted to Navision successfully, if there has been an error or if Navision could not be reached. Please note that this feature will be tested in WVDE's live environment for one week and deployed to the other environments on January 15th. 
  • E-mail changes in Navision: E-Mail changes in Navision are now reflected in MWV.
  • E-mail changes in MWV: If a user changes their e-mail in MWV, editors can now choose if a confirmation e-mail should be sent to their old or new e-mail address under /admin/mwv/users/settings.