Release note July 9th, 2019

This week we released a couple of cool new things that will help your sites:

Editorial features:

  • As announced in the Slack channel we deployed the new copy and headline styles. You can see what the styles look like here. Copy is now Lato Regular, headlines are Lato bold. Furthermore we have three headline sizes available for simplicity (S, M, and L). Also, headlines don't change sizes anymore based on which column layout they are in. This helps keep the style consistent on your sites.
  • Headline, Subline and the image slide are now optional in the Youtube-Video editorial element.
  • If you don't provide a headline and subline on campaign teaser or hero slider editorial elements, they will only show the image, not the orange bar.
  • You now have access to a 'story mode' on your page with narrower copy and headlines. We recommend you use this for blog articles. You can see what a page might look like here and how to set up the story mode here.


  • When users enter wrong credit card details on Stripe forms, they can now correct them and still submit the form.
  • We switched the webservice we use to get sponsorship updates for a cleaner CRM API setup.
  • You can now enter and change React translations under /admin/config/regional/react-translations. The translations will always be included in the next deployment.