Release note May 3rd, 2019

Due to public holidays in many of the WV United countries on May 1st we decided to push the deployment to Friday morning. The following improvements will be part of the release:

Editorial features:

  • The H-tag of the headline in the editorial element Campaign teaser is now automatically H1. This means you should put your major keyword for each page with a campaign teaser in the headline. Please remember that this does not affect the element Hero slider. Here the headlines are still H2, because there are multiple ones. This means that your frontpage should have a separate H1 headline if you are using a Hero slider.
  • You can now copy editorial pages within your site or from other WV United sites. This feature has a couple of implications, so we will keep it disabled for now and will reach out to you next week with more detailed documentation on how to use it. Stay tuned.

Transaction forms:

  • The React app that handles the transaction forms now features Finnish translations.
  • We have finished work on the giving widget for the global fragile product. We are working on one or two small changes and will release it to live on Tuesday, May 7. You can already test it on stage. Just add a transaction form to any page and check the box 'display as widget'. Note that you should order the first step fields in your form in the order 'occurrence, dollar handles, amount'.

My World Vision:

  • Your community profiles now feature the number of unsponsored children in each community. This number comes from the project list, for offices with Navision it is automatically pulled from the CRM.
  • The map in your community profiles now switches automatically when a different project is selected by sponsors with multiple children.
  • You can now use the image upload field in message and donation posts as well as in regular transaction forms.
  • The community start and end dates are now pulled automatically from Navision in the project list.