WV United plans

WV United offers two tailor-made plans for your office to meet your fundraising needs and digital capacity. If you are a smaller office with basic fundraising needs and limited capacity, the Cloud plan is perfect for you. It provides a hassle-free self-updating tool set and can be combined easily with United Experience. If you are a large office with country-specific fundraising needs, great technical capabilities and a large digital budget, the Self-managed plan offers you the possibility to build on top of the WV United core system

Included in both plans

  • Regularly updated core platform based on Drupal 8.
  • Website, transaction forms, and My World Vision portal.
  • Integrations with globally supported CRM, e-Mailing tool, and payment gateways.
  • Regional account manager support
  • Participation in regular Core team calls on management level
  • Participation in regular User group calls on operational level
  • Comprehensive documentation under https://www.wvunited.org

Included in Cloud plan

  • Hosting on shared Acquia server
  • Automatic Core updates
  • Guaranteed support and maintainence on all global features.

Included in Self-managed plan

  • Self-hosted system
  • Updated Core versions are provided regularly
  • Option to develop extensions outside of the core with own agency or in-house developers.
  • Option to propose commits to the core system (based on WVI inspection

Offices can typically start to think about the self-managed plan when they are able to allocate considerable development budget on top of the contribution to core budget (see below).

Both Cloud plan members and Self-managed plan members commit to contributing 0.2% of their private cash (based on previous FY) to core development, which is prioritized by the Core team and managed by WVI. The processes surrounding WV United governance are documented in our service level agreement, which is signed by new offices before onboarding.