Become chosen

It is your sponsored child that has chosen you.

How does it all work to be chosen?

1: Sign up and submit your photo.

1: Sign up and submit your photo.

Your name and photo are sent to a sponsorship community, where staff are setting up the kids' choosing event! (Stay tuned for the details.)

2: A child will choose YOU.

2: A child will choose YOU :-).

Some kids have waited years to be chosen by a sponsor. Now, at the choosing event, it's their turn. Which child will choose you? You'll get a photo of your new sponsored child holding your photo, plus a letter about why you were chosen.

3: See what impact you have

3: See what impact you have

Your 30 Euro a month is combined with other sponsors' gifts to support community projects that help your sponsored child and other kids thrive. Clean water, healthcare, nutrition, education — whatever they need. And you'll get regular updates on the changes you're making together.

The next Chosen party is on ... in .... .


What Chosen sponsors say

I chose you because Christine, I picked you for your smile
Moreen, 12, Kenya

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