Dangerous places. Flexible solutions. Select a donation that's right for you.

Dangerous places

Flexible solutions. Select a donation that's right for you.

In a heartbeat, Shaima's daily routine turned disastrous

Living in one of the world’s most dangerous places is Shaima’s reality, but it’s not her only story.

Despite her fears, she fled her home in Syria to find a new beginning for her family. In places like this, danger is prevalent.

Anything can happen at once, without warning. Children and families didn’t choose this life of constant disruption, but we can choose to stand with them and face it together.


60+ million families displaced since WWII

Your donations help people facing these dangers

Weak governance

Weak governance

Natural disasters

Natural disasters

Economic crisis

Economic crisis

Sudden conflict

Sudden conflict

Ongoing conflicts

Ongoing conflicts

Social upheaval

Social upheaval


Spotlight issue: Sudden conflict

From ABC to SOS

Sudden Conflict means that gunshots, bombs, and danger can arrive at any moment — even in the middle of class. Nobody can plan a life around this. In 2017, we helped over 10 million people living in these conditions, and our job isn’t over yet.

 Sudden conflict

250+ million children live in dangerous places

Realities of living in dangerous places

South Sudan: Civil war.
Iraq: Fleeing conflict
South Sudan: Child soldiers

World Vision in the field

Map field

Moments of impact

Silencing sirens with school bells

These dangerous places may be someone’s home, but it isn’t their entire life. As quickly as things can go wrong, World Vision is there to help. Together, we’ve impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty.



Supply life-saving essentials

You’ll help World Vision provide emergency care in disasters and lifesaving essentials such as food, clean water, education, sanitation, medicine, and healthcare.



Give a childhood back to child soldiers

You’ll help World Vision rehabilitate former child soldiers and establish early-childhood education programs.



Provide better futures for all

You’ll help give World Vision a foundation to build long-term solutions to make high-risk regions more secure, provide stability and mitigate the underlying causes of fragility.

Going to the ends, where no one else goes

Inspired by our Christian values, World Vision is dedicated to working with the world’s vulnerable people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Since 1950, we have helped children, families, and communities reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.”

Pie chart


of funding goes to field programs and advocacy work


goes to fundraising


goes to administration and accountability


Life goes on for Shaima

Thanks to your support, Shaima and her family are now safe. Now, she’s taking pride in working with World Vision to help other refugees rebuild their lives.

Flexible way to make lasting impacts

Whether it’s food, clean water, medicine or education, meeting the immediate needs of those living in dangerous places takes a different approach. One that allows aid to be available when and where it’s needed most.

We made a fund that gives us the flexibility to be there in an instant and stay for a lifetime. Your options to donate are just as flexible.

Water and sanitation

Water and sanitation

health care


Food and nutrition

Food and nutrition

Support and services

Support services

More about your donation

Why does the fund need to be flexible?

The nature of the conditions World Vision is combating are highly unstable. Things change quickly, so we need to be able to allocate money accordingly. Some of your donation can go towards supplying clean water, some of it can go to help communities fundraise. 

Is my donation in good hands?

World Vision takes pride in the fact that we have been working in the world’s most dangerous places for over 30 years. When we move in to aid and rebuild a community, we’re there for the long haul. 

How do I know I’m making an impact?

World Vision is dedicated to sharing the stories of all those involved. Check back anytime to read about field worker experiences or personal stories of those we’re helping. You can also get email updates once you make your donation.

Who is actually putting my money to use in the field?

Our field workers can come from anywhere in the world. In fact, over 95% of World Vision staff are local, hired to work in their home regions as a way to build up stronger communities.