We provide integrations to WV United in three areas: CRM, Notifications, and payment. Since some WV United countries have popular local payment methods, we offer a couple of localized payment integrations. However, this page only features the integrations that are available to all countries.

WV United does not own the APIs or the systems it integrates with, but merely calls the interfaces provided by third parties to exchange information. This also means we are restricted by the APIs developed by third parties. However, we strive to make it as easy as possible for offices to use the integrations we provide.

Support for the integrated systems lies with vendors offering those systems. This page gives an overview of the places you can find help when using the systems.

Campaign Monitor

You can use Campaign Monitor to send out transactional e-mails, campaigns, and automated journeys. WV United connects to Campaign Monitor through the webhooks 'send e-mail', 'system e-mail' and 'subscribe to list'.

The following links will provide you with resources that help with using Campaign Monitor:


Stripe can be used to process credit card payments coming through the website. You can see how to set up the integration here

The following links will provide you with resources that help with using Stripe:


Navision is managed for all EU offices by WV Germany's IT department. Navision offices have a working relationship and a support contact there.

WV United connects to Navision via webservices which are maintained by WV Germany's IT and get called by WV United. 

Here is some documentation on how to set up and use data going to and coming from Navision.