How to clone pages

This functionality allows you to clone the structure of or both the structure and the content of an editorial page. The original page you want to clone can come either from your site or from another WV United site. 

Attention: We recommend you to use this functionality with caution. Duplicate content can impact your search engine rankings negatively, so please make sure the content and meta data of each of your pages are filled purpose-based. Check out this information by Google that answers the implications of duplicate content.

On your content overview page in the backend under /admin/content you can see a button 'Clone content'. When clicking this button you will see a URL field. Please paste the full url you want to clone (e.g. Also, select if you only want to clone the structure of the page (i.e. the row layout) or both the structure and the content (i.e. the row layout and all editorial elements). 

A backend editorial page view will open with your cloned page. If you clone an external page (from another office's site) all relational elements (e.g. Relation teaser) will be marked with a yellow boarder. That way you can fix the relations (which will probably not be the same for your page). When cloning on your own site, relational elements will work automatically.

The meta data of your cloned page will be blank by default, so please remember to fill it out in a way that matches your new site's purpose.

Clone settings
Relational content