Using page types as templates

Editorial pages offer great flexibility and what your pages look like. This is great for campaign pages and one-time events. However, you want users to have a consistent experience with your site as well. This means most pages need to look predictable. By looking at a page, users will have to see at first glance "Hey, here I have different options and I need to choose one of them." or "Hey, this is great content about this topic I'm interested in, so let's engage with it." or "This is a great project, l want to give some money for that".

Depending on what you want to achieve with your page, it will have to look different, but multiple pages that should achieve the same thing should look similar. This is why page types will help you categorize the pages on your site and keep the look and feel consistent. On this piece of best practice, we will show you which page types you can use.

Category pages

You will definitely have multiple category pages on your website. They will mostly be on the second level of hierarchy, e.g. your /donation page will feature all possibilities to donate. Category pages should provide an easy and fast overview to users. 

Elements that you should primarily use:

If there are options that you want users to take more often, place them on top (important for mobile) and use less columns (important for desktop).

Content pages

Content pages provide engaging content to users. They rank well on search engines and are important to your high-quality organic traffic. This is why you should make sure that you use emotional elements that users can engage with (and create click events for search engines).

Elements you should primarily use:


Campaign pages

Campaign pages are important as they will get lots of paid traffic that you want to convert. This is why you need a clear understanding on the way you want to setup your campaign pages. It is important that users will get a good overview of what you are offering and what the benefits to the user are. A clear call to action and a compelling design should be part of the page.

Elements that you should primarily use:


Product pages

For each of your sponsorship, donation and engagement products you will have a product page. These pages are important because they are generally the last step before the transaction forms. So you should make sure you have a clear call to action on your product pages.

Elements that you should primarily use: