Landing page essentials

Your landing pages direct external or internal traffic to your conversion forms. You might have many of them (e.g. one for each important SEA topic) or only a few (e.g. for child sponsorship). In any case they represent an important step in your conversion funnels. This is why it is important to follow best practice.

Luckily there is plenty of help out there to support you. On this page we are not reinventing the wheel but collecting a couple of resources that will help you create landing pages that follow best practices. Remember to track what works well and what doesn't. Also, regularly update your landing pages and test how changes affect your KPIs.


Landing page elements

This is based on an article from Unbounce. You can find a ton of landing page best practice on the web. If you find anything that you miss here, feel free to reach out to us.

Your landing page should contain the following five elements:

  1. Your USP
  2. An image/video showing your product in the context of usage
  3. The benefits of your offer
  4. Social prove
  5. One single CTA directed towards your conversion goal.

Depending on your conversion goal, the actual content of these elements can vary. For child sponsorship it can look like this:

  1. Why child sponsorship at WV is better than at other charities
  2. An image/video showing what child sponsorship is about
  3. The three most important benefits of sponsoring a child
  4. Testimonials of existing sponsors
  5. A CTA towards sponsoring a child

How this translates

  • A headline that matches what was clicked
  • A supporting headline with additional information
  • A reinforcing statement
  • A closing argument